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Window Types and Options

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Glass windows and doors are the primary components of any sunroom. Sizes, shapes and styles offered by manufacturers are almost without limit, allowing a great deal of creative latitude in design. It is wise, however, to choose windows that are compatible with the existing windows and overall architecture of your home. Also, rarely should single-paned windows be considered anymore, because of today's energy efficiency standards. With double and sometimes triple paned windows, there is gas between the glass and glazing to limit heat flow across the window.

Fixed windows tend to be less expensive than styles that open, so a smart option is to combine a number of fixed windows with ones that will open. You can also save money on this expensive portion of your sunroom by staying with stock size windows rather than custom creations. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of different window types.

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If you live in an especially cold climate or have special concerns about the energy-efficiency and insulating capabilities of your windows, you may opt for specialty glazings.Some window options you might consider are:

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For sunrooms that have a traditional framed roof instead of an all-glass topping, skylights can provide an extra amount of light and airiness. Simply because they are opened directly to the sky, they allow nearly twice as much light to enter the room as regular windows. Glazing options for skylights are similar to those of windows. The industry-standard is insulated tempered safety glass. There are three basic types of skylights:

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Calculating Pricing for your new Sunroom Addition?

Price is a big factor in planning your budget for the project, with a quote you will be able to calculate the cost of options such as sloped ceilings versus gabled/cathedral or a traditional sunroom versus a solarium. When you request a no obligation Sunroom Quote, we pass your request to only one sunroom professional who will call you. No more multiple annoying phone calls.

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